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My Philosophy

My coaching is based on the couple's relationship serving as the foundation for their family's success. With a shared vision, values, and goals, and a shared parenting approach, your marriage can weather 

the challenges of blended family life.

My Goal: To help you work together to create a loving, nurturing

home where everyone can breathe, "just be," and

feel a sense of security and peace. 

It Begins With You!

Your relationship is the foundation of everything.

It begins with you, as individuals, bringing your love, your strengths, your children, and your willingness to adopt new roles into this new relationship.

It flows into your parenting partnership as the leaders of your blended family. Blending parenting styles, expectations and discipline requires teamwork as you face stepfamily challenges. 

You then help your children adapt and thrive in their new family unit, supporting them with compassion, space, and grace as they adjust to the changes that have occurred. 

Your relationship, with a shared vision, values, and goals then guides your family as you live your blended life. 


Blended Family Blueprint Roadmap (11).png
Blended Family Blueprint Roadmap (12).png
Blended Family Blueprint Roadmap (13).png

What You Need to Succeed

After years of working with couples, I have discovered the keys to success include: 
1. An Understanding of Stepfamily Dynamics
2. Effective Communication Skills

3. A Strong Parenting Partnership

These 3 pieces to the puzzle have helped couples overcome typical stepfamily challenges and thrive as the leaders of their families. 

Do you want to just survive,
or have your family thrive? 

If you and your partner want to create a strong family foundation from the start, now is the time to book a Discovery Call to learn more about the 
Blended Family Blueprint couples coaching program. 

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