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Ending Bedtime Battles

It’s been a long day, you’ve tucked in your little one and then it begins…

“Just one more story, please!”

“I need a drink of water.”

“I have to potty again.”

Dealing with bedtime battles can be aggravating and exhausting. There are some steps you can take to finally put an end to the endless cycle of requests. Keep in mind it won’t be a quick and easy transition, but with patience you’ll eventually be heading into the bedtime routine without dread.

Before a new bedtime routine can be changed, you (the parents and/or caregivers) will need to decide what a new routine may look like and when to begin implementing it. You may also want to make a promise to stick to it no matter how much your child fights it. Keep in mind, this won’t be an easy transition. Hopefully you won’t lose too much sleep through the first few nights.

Let’s begin be taking a look at how the ABC’s of Parenting can be used in this situation…

Acknowledge your child’s feelings – “I know you enjoy having time with us at bedtime.”