Bring parenting programs to your school, parent group, church, or a group of friends and neighbors…anywhere parents gather!
You may select from our single topic programs or a 3-week program.

Each program includes strategies for success, time for individual questions and handouts for each attendee.
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For  parents of kids ages 0-12
The Preschool Years

This  comprehensive 3-part series is perfect for parents of toddlers and preschoolers.

You’ll gain insight, learn strategies and walk away with and understanding of how to parent the 5 and under age group!


  • Understand your child’s ages and stages

  • Diffuse power struggles

  • Encourage appropriate choices

  • Reduce stress in your daily routines

  • Gain cooperation through positive discipline

  • and much more!


Sibling Rivalry

Do the constant battles drive you crazy?


This workshop explains why kids fight and how you can put an end to it without losing your sanity!


  • Discover the feelings behind the battles

  • Teach siblings to problem solve together

  • Setting rules as a family

  • Why sharing isn't always a good thing (who knew?!)

  • Develop a family plan that works 


Because I Said So! 

Are you tired of repeating yourself? Does your child roll their eyes when you talk?

Discover how to keep the lines of communication open despite you're child's attitude! 

  • Learn to communicate so your child will really listen

  • Understand your child's behavior and needs

  • Learn to problem solve together

  • Be your child’s most important influence

  • Create a relationship your child is drawn to

Building Academic Success

Homework shouldn't put your family into battle mode every day! 


Gain strategies to reduce homework hassles, engage your child's teacher and encourage independence. 

  • Identify your child's learning style

  • Build a positive parent-teacher relationship

  • Increase your child's independence and responsibility

  • Help your child set and achieve SMART goals

  • Improve the link between home and school 

For  parents of preteens and teens
Raising Teens and Tweens..
Survival strategies every parent needs! 

Teen drama driving you crazy? Is your preteen tesing limits already? 


Parenting teens can be the hardest part of the raising kids! Gain strategies to help your family survive the turbulent teen years!

  • Identify the challenges of raising teens

  • Understand the risks today’s teens face

  • Learn ways to communicate so your teens will listen

  • Discover messages every child needs to hear

  • Set limits without starting a war

Teens and Drugs: 


We all want to think, "Not my child" but drugs are a danger in every community!


Learn the 5 steps every parent can take to reduce the risk for your child! 

How to Reduce the Risk

  • Discuss the risks within your community

  • Understand the current trends

  • Identify the signs

  • Discover effective ways to talk about it in your family

  • Get a plan in place now!

Parenting Your Special Child

Does your child struggle? Parents of a special needs child may feel frustrated, lost and even guilty at times.  Siblings and spouses tend to feel the stress as well.


Learn strategies which will help reduce your stress, find support and embrace your family's journey. 

  • Understand the "Whole Family" effect of special needs

  • Learn how to define and embrace your family's normal

  • Discover ways to help siblings cope

  • Share and discover helpful resources

  • and much more!

For  parents of special needs children
Complete Parenting Series 
Active Parenting in 3

This 3-session event gives parents a comphrensive look at parenting.  Parents will experience an interative, warm and supportive environment in which to share concerns and learn new strategies. 


Active Parenting is an award winning, evidence-based nationally used program.


  • Understand the goals of your child's behavior 

  • Discover how to set limits and consequences

  • Gain strategies to get your child to really listen 

  • Learn the 3 styles of parenting and how it affects your child's behavior

  • and much more!