Stepfamily Support

"This is so much harder than we expected it to be!"

Time and again I hear this phrase from stepmoms and couples in a blended relationship. While parenting is hard work, being a stepfamily adds its own unique challenges that no one warns you about. You are not only blending kids, you are also having to blend you parenting styles, values and expectations for everyone in the family. 

One of the reasons I became a certified stepfamily coach was to become educated in the special dynamics that families like yours face every day. It astounded me that there is a 73% divorce rate for couples in second marriages with kids.

As a parenting coach I was facing questions from couples in blended family marriages and it grew into a deep seeded passion of mine to be a resource to help you overcome those statistics. I want you to succeed because you've taken the risk believing in family and in love again.


Stepcouples, being a blended family has given you challenges you may have never anticipated. Through my work with other couples just like you I have developed an exclusive program just for you called "The Power of Us" and it is focused on building your strength as a partnership in both your relationship and in parenting. 

I want you to be the strongest couple you can be against the odds of demanding ex's, crazy schedules and scary statistics. This means digging in and working hard for a few weeks to give your family the firm foundation it needs forever.

"The Power of Us" includes:

  • 8 weekly private coaching sessions with me

  • A workbook designed exclusively for this program

  • Email communication through the duration of the program. 

The results couples like you have experienced include:

  • A crystal clear shared vision of roles, expectations and responsibilities

  • A strong framework for making all your parenting decisions

  • Less chaos in your home

  • Improved communication between all members of the family

  • Family rules that make sense and are based on your shared vision and values

  • A teamwork approach to parenting

  • Most importantly, a strengthened relationship between you and your partner 

If you are tired of arguing and want less stress and a healthier family relationship, let's get the two of you working on "The Power of Us" in your relationship today! 

Blending your parenting styles, expectations and vision for your family can be a challenge. In this 8-week session, we will improve your communication and teamwork approa...
The Power of Us - 8 weeks
1 hr

**Consultations can be in person or through video chat from the privacy of your own home! 


Amy Ambrozich a Certified Parent Educator and Coach. All services are intended to offer support and strategies to parents looking to improve their parenting skills, gain positive discipline and communication techniques and confidence in their most important role. These sessions are intended for educational purposes. Clients take the responsibility of implementation of strategies and take full responsibility for any changes, positive or negative, within the family.  Psychological assessment and counseling are not a part of the services offered by Dare to Parent.