Hi, I'm Amy Ambrozich

My Story

I grew up in Indiana in a loud Italian-Croatian home where dinner was on the table at 5pm sharp every night and we were all expected to be there.  It wasn't until I was older that I began to appreciate my parents making family dinner a priority. I learned so much about family dynamics being one of 5 kids at that table every night and it was truly the start of what I do now as a parenting coach! 

As a parenting coach, I bring my education (B.A. in Child/Clinical Psychology, M.A. in School Psychology) and my training in both Active Parenting and Stepfamily Help to the table. I also bring something more important, years of experience raising 3 children to adulthood. 

My years as a parent educator for the Worthington, Ohio school district and as a certified parent coach have allowed me to fine-tune my services so you walk away with a plan of action customized for your unique family. 

My mission is to empower parents to be consistent in their discipline and feel confident in their parenting decisions.

How do I accomplish this? Together we work to: 

1. Clearly define your vision (you need to know what you're working towards)

2. Identify your core family values (they serve as the basis of all family decisions)

3. Create S.M.A.R.T. family goals (the steps to living the life you envision) 

My journey as a parenting and stepfamily coach began many years ago at the family dinner table. I remember so clearly how my parents worked together to raise us. I also remember watching my friends' parents and being interested in why they do things in their family they way they did. Little did I realize, that was the beginning of my passion for family dynamics!

I thank my parents, Joe and Elaine Rizzardo, for raising us within a model of "Family First" and a parenting partnership. It truly has influenced the way we raised our 3 kids and how I coach other parents as well. 

Best of all, I've turned all those life lessons into programs for families just like yours

So, if you want to do the best job you can with your kids but you're feeling frustrated or alone in the struggles,  let's chat! I will offer support and strategies in a way that feels like you are talking to a friend. No judgment. No criticism. Simply...

Support. Strategies. Solutions.


“Amy does a great job with parents! Her style is very down-to-earth, and I learned a lot of little techniques and bigger ideas to implement. Highly recommend…”

                                                                         ~~ Beth Probst, At the Core