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Hi, I'm Amy, 


Please let me introduce myself a bit more. 

Just a few quick facts...

  • I was born and raised in NW Indiana in a large family of 5 kids. 

  • My husband and I have been married for over 30 years already! (time flies!)

  • We have raised 3 kiddos who are now  successfully "grown and flown" 

  • I have a B.A. in Clinical and Child Psychology and an M.A. in School Psychology

  • I'm dual certified in both Active Parenting and the Stepfamily.Help programs

  • I facilitate parenting workshops for the Worthington City Schools district

I guess I can say my parent coaching journey began as a child. I was always very aware of the way my parents were partners in raising the 5 of us. If one of our parents set down a rule, we knew the other would back it up. If they weren't on the same page, there was a discussion before a decision was made. They set the standard for working from the same page of parenting! 


Weirdly enough, I also paid very close attention to how my friends' parents would parent them. I found it very interesting to watch how other couples worked together (or not) when it came to raising their families. I know, it's odd but I'm sure these observations were the first steps to my being here to help you!

“Amy does a great job with parents! Her style is very down-to-earth, and I learned a lot of little techniques and bigger ideas to implement. Highly recommend…”

                                 Beth Probst, At the Core

Trust me, 

I've been through it too!

While I may have been observing my parents (and others) throughout my childhood, I can tell you it didn't prepare me for the realities of raising my own kids! I was not ready for 3 sleepless months with a colicky baby, crazy-busy schedules, our kids dating, college, and everything in between. 

The hardest part was that my husband and I were trying to figure it all out on our own. We had moved 6 hours away from family and friends (this was when you paid for long-distance calls!), so we didn't have the support system we needed to guide us through the challenges we were facing. 

It wasn't until I realized that we needed to work on our family foundation, rules and expectations, and build a shared discipline plan that we got "in the groove" and created a better bond between us and it made all the difference for our family!

When parents are on the same page, they grow in both consistency and confidence as the leaders of their family.

I want that for you! 

Support. Strategies. Success. 


Let's Get You Started!

It's time.
Do you know how I know?
Because, instead of scrolling through
social media or binge-watching tv,
you are here. 

You've read the books, commiserated with your friends, and listened to multiple podcasts, but none of that is addressing the needs of your unique family

My experience paired with my many years of training and coaching will help you formulate a clear plan of action to shift from stress to success! 

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