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Hi, I'm Amy Ambrozich, 


I help couples overcome the challenges of parenting
in a blended family dynamic.  

For almost two decades I've been coaching couples through workshops and private 1:1 sessions, helping them understand their parenting differences and find common ground so they can lead their family with confidence and consistency.


I know that blended family life can feel hard for many reasons. I'm on a mission to help you truly understand the underlying stepfamily dynamics causing stress and create a partnership that will withstand the challenges of blended family parenting. 

With over 67% of second marriages ending in divorce, you can't wait to just "figure it out" on your own.

You need a guide. You need someone who has proven strategies for success. You need a pathway to parenting as a team. 

Don't wait until you're so stressed you aren't even talking to each other to ask for help. Learn the tools for your parenting toolbox before it gets to that point! 

Let me light the pathway for you, so you can have the blended family you envisioned. 


“Amy does a great job with parents! Her style is very down-to-earth, and I learned a lot of little techniques and bigger ideas to implement. Highly recommend…”

                                 Beth Probst, At the Core

About Me 

  • Mike and I have been married 30+ years! 

  • We raised three children who are now successfully adulting

  • We have one granddaughter who lights up a room with a brilliant smile and sense of humor

  • My education and certifications include:

    • B.A. in Child and Clinical Psychology

    • M.A. in School Psychology

    • Certification in Stepfamily Help

    • Dual Certification in the Active Parenting Program which I taught for 6+ years in our school district

    • Recognized SMART Stepfamily Therapy Provider​

Support + Strategies = Success for your family!


Let's Get You Started!

It's time.
Do you know how I know?
Because, instead of scrolling through
social media or binge-watching tv,
you are here. 

You've read the books, commiserated with your friends, and listened to multiple podcasts, but none of that is addressing the needs of your unique family

My experience paired with my many years of training and coaching will help you formulate a clear plan of action to shift from stress to success! 

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