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Your session is booked! 

I am looking forward to working
with you
and empowering you with

new strategies and techniques, what I call

"tools for your parenting toolbox."

You will soon receive an email with more information. (Watch for things from "Paperbell" as that is my scheduler system.)

If you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at


PS. Check out the offer below for additional tips!
(See below for details)

"Sunday Strategies"

Sign up today to receive a FREE copy of ...

KIDS AND TECH...Set Rules that fit 
YOUR family" 
which includes:


  • A printable Social Media Family Contract

  • A printable Cell Phone Family Contract 

  • Discussion Strategies

  • My Top 7 Tips for Setting Rules

Parenting can be such a wonderful experience, but it doesn't mean we automatically know how to do it! Oh, and we can't overlook the fact that kids don't come with instruction manuals! (Boy, wouldn't that be helpful?!)

I invite you to join the Dare to Parent community through my "Sunday Strategies" weekly email. I cover topics such as discipline, parenting, strengthening your co-parenting partnership, and communication for better family dynamics. I'm always open to your questions as well! 

I created "Sunday Strategies" so that you can learn at your own leisure. I send them bright and early every Sunday morning at 6 am (EST) so that you can relax, grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and spend just a few minutes learning something new to enhance your parenting journey. 

Click here to begin receiving my free weekly tips! 

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