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As you know, I love talking about all things parenting: Discipline, Co-Parenting, Blended Family Life, the Stepparent-Stepchild Relationship, and, of course, my main focus: Your Parenting Partnership. Listen in as I have conversations with others in the field of helping you have your best life. 

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Parenting Tweens 


Join teens expert Annie Fox and Dare to Parent's Amy Ambrozich as they discuss how the tween years are transitional years for kids and parents. Amy defines this period as the shift between the elementary school years (“typically smooth and easy going”) to middle school where kids feel like everything is changing, including their place in social groups. A parent’s role is changing, too. “They’re trying on new skin and now we’re parenting a young adult with training wheels. Consistency is the key to getting through these years,” says Amy, who counsels parents of tweens in her private practice.  Annie talks with Amy about riding the emotional roller coaster together with your child so that kids and parents can transition more smoothly. 











How to Communicate So Kids Will Listen


Host Trey Gibson of the Family Podcast Network describes this as "probably one of my favorite interviews I've done in a while." You'll learn tips and strategies that will help you talk so your kids will actually listen to you. It's never too late to improve your relationship with your kids, even if they're teens. Put these tips into action and your kids will continue to come to you, even for the "tough topics." 



Surviving School Breaks


School breaks are often a struggle for us and for our kids. You have a vision of family time while your kids are looking forward to time with their friends and sleeping in. How can you work out the differences? Visiting extended family out of town? Check out these tips to help your kids feel more comfortable when visiting with family they don't really know! Host Trey Gibson once again welcomes Dare to Parent ideas for his Family Podcast Network listeners. 


Parent-Teacher Conferences...What every parent needs to know!

Do parent-teacher conferences really have an impact? Yes! This podcast will give you hints on the most important questions you should be asking your child's teacher and how to build a positive relationship with your child's teacher.  Host Trey Gibson and Dare to Parent facilitators Amy Ambrozich and Leslie Quickel also discuss whether children should attend the conference with you. Great information, especially if you're a newer school parent. Experienced parents will find helpful tips as well! 







Episode 7 Transformational Trauma and Healing.png

Trauma, Divorce, and Blended Family Topics

In this episode of the Transformational Trauma and Healing Podcast, host Carrie Rickart and I discuss the effects of divorce on children, on parents as they attempt to co-parent, and on the relationships of everyone involved. We also touch on preventive actions to take post-divorce as you begin to recouple and build a new blended family. 

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Advice for the Co-Parenting Dad 

It's always a pleasure to chat with Mark Stanifer of The Next Man Up Podcast. Today we talked about strategies for dads who are co-parenting with an ex as well as men stepping into the stepdad role (not an easy thing to do!). Through the years I've helped many couples navigate these waters, and I was excited to share these tips with the Next Man Up audience! 

Intentional Parenting/ Overcoming Challenges

Listen in as I chat with the guys from The Next Man Up Podcast about parenting, overcoming challenges and being intentional in your parenting decisions. We also touch base on the critical aspects of strengthening your parenting partnership. 

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The Importance of Setting and Discussing Expectations

Listen in as stepmom coach, Kristen Skiles of Stepmomming Made Easy, and I dig into the very real topic of setting expectations for your role, your home, discipline and dealing with the ex spouse. You will walk away with action steps and strategies to ensure you and your partner are on the same page. 

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