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Amy has real life experiences that give her insights that helped us come up with ideas to deal with our
family’s issues. She is a listener, then a healer. A consummate professional. We highly recommend Amy.

                                                                                                                                                      Greg and Mary R.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy today about my "strong willed" four year old. Amy was able to review and explain some techniques to use with my her.

Amy's  reasoning, examples, and techniques are very down to earth and doable. She was able to pull my swirl of thoughts together and help set me on a more direct path with some great techniques to try out. She was not at any point condescending. Nor did she down play any of my concerns. 


I am very grateful for her assistance with my concerns and am sure I will be making progress here shortly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Leslie K., Client 

Amy was a wonderful resource to have for the questions about my little men! She was kind, understanding, and helpful! I would recommend her for any of your parenting questions!
                      Katie G., Client

"This class gave me some great tips and key take aways. I will remember the ABC's of Parenting and all the tips and tricks. It was great to hear from other parents during the workshop."

Kylene D.  "Toddlers and Preschoolers"

"This class has provided tools to immediately help with behavioral issues with my children and has made me think through how to be a better parent."

Srini S.

"Great lesson- Good topics and it gave me lots to think about and sets a good foundation of ground rules to use."

Lisa Z. Working mom of 2

"Great class to reinforce what you are doing right and do it more consistently."

Shelly P.

"Your class made me realize that I can provide support to my kids & teach them to succeed. With the help of your class and the book I realize I have all the tools already! What a revelation that I can use my tools/skills differently to achieve success!"

Sarah M.

"This class helped me see where I can improve in helping my child succeed. "

Arabella A. 

"Amy and Leslie are great examples of active parenting. Their personal experiences and sincerity is really a comforting experience. The lessons they have learned and share with us is so valuable."

Shawn K. 

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