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I already have several books and online sources to answer my parenting questions, why would I attend a program?


Books and the internet are good places to go for general information on parenting. Our speakers will facilitate discussions on the information they present to get a deeper understanding of how skills can be adjusted to suit each individual family.

Classes also offer a chance to connect with others in your area and share ideas and concerns that are specific to your community.


I want to attend a program, but I don’t see any scheduled!


Help us get into your community! Share our website and email address with community groups in your area. We will work with them to schedule sessions. Start at Book a Program.

I would love to see this at my school/church/ect. How do I get a program there?


Please share our website and email address! We can talk with those in charge of your group and discuss the benefits of hosting a Dare to Parent program.
We can come to schools, churches, community groups, and more.



What if I have to cancel?


Cancellations can be made up to 7 days prior to start of session for a 50% refund.

Can someone else attend in my place?


If you would like to give your spot to someone else, please inform us ahead of time. You can contact us at or call 614-547-2339.


Please be sure to state your name what program you are registered for, date and time of session, and the name of who will attend in your place.



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