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3 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner

Have you ever felt like you've lost your relationship in the chaos of raising a family?

You're not alone! So many couples say their relationship isn't even on the radar other than a quick "Good Morning" kiss and their conversations focus on the kids, the activities on the calendar, and who is doing the grocery run this week. It's not that you don't want to spend time nurturing your relationship, you're just not sure how to fit it into your busy days! Like so many, you may be coasting with the goal of reconnecting "when we have the time." Let me tell you, now is the time! If you and your spouse don't take the time now, you won't have much of a relationship to enjoy once the kids are gone. Not only that, but when you have a mutually respectful and caring relationship, you will definitely be stronger partners in parenting. If you are thinking, "Yeah, easier said than done!" I get it! I said the same thing when our kids were small. Who has time for a date when your life revolves around your kids and their busy schedules, work, and taking care of the house? Here's the thing...if you don't take care of your relationship, your parenting suffers. It's like a plant, it needs water and sunlight to grow and flourish. So does your relationship. So, how can you possibly find the time to nurture your relationship? Here are a few quick ways to sneak in some relationship self-care: 1) Get in a hug! It lowers heart rates and blood pressure and gives the immune system a boost (who knew?!). It also strengthens the bond you have with your partner because the physical connection builds positive emotions as well. BONUS: it only takes a few seconds to sneak in a hug! 2) Know your partner's Love Language and use that knowledge to fill their cup. Listen to the book, The 5 Love Languages, on audio while you're cooking dinner or driving to work, it's worth it! In fact, you can use it on the kids too! If you know your partner's or child's love language you will be conveying your love in a way that resonates with them and brings you closer together. (And I promise you it's not all mushy, gushy nonsense. It truly has made a huge impact on the couples I have coached!) 3) Tuck the kids in a little early tonight or do a childcare switch with another couple. During that break from the kids, do something you enjoy together or learn something new. Use this time to have fun with each other because that positive bonding time will enhance your relationship.

The best part of taking time to reset allows you to give the best of yourself afterward. When you and your partner are in a good place, your stress is reduced and your partnership is more effective. The kids benefit because they are getting parents who are consistent, confident, more positive, and enjoying their roles as parents. Your reset benefits everyone! If you found these tips helpful, you'll love my E-Book, 3 Strategies for Stepcouple Success! Click here to receive your FREE copy today.

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