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The Power of Us

Family Communication and Discipline Strategies That Really Do Work!

See if it’s a good fit: Book a complimentary Discovery Call today!

Sure, we all want those perfect family moments...

but how do we get there? 

Ever wish that your unruly child came with a handbook?

You’re  dealing with with arguments, broken curfews, bad grades, backtalk, and attitude.

You’ve tried random punishments: taking away their devices, lecturing them, and grounding them.

And you’re exhausted.

Nothing has worked, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s already too late. 

Add to that the arguments between you and your partner on how to make things better at home. No wonder you're stressed! 

It doesn't have to be this way...

If you and your spouse want to be on the "same page" for discipline and you're ready to learn new strategies....

As a parenting coach, Amy's advice is fairly straightforward:

Be THAT parent.

Be that parent who:
  • Says NO.
  • Sets a curfew.
  • Expects and enforces respectful behavior with confidence.
  • Gets tough when it's necessary.
  • Isn't afraid of your kids being mad at you.
  • Acts like the parent and NOT the child's best friend.

But it's easier said than done, right?

Raising a child can feel frustrating and impossible.

But you don't have to do this alone!
It’s time to to make an action plan and change the way things are going in your family.

Steps for Success

The Power of Us is a powerful, 5-week program designed to build a strong, value-driven foundation that will set your family up for long-term success (and peace of mind!)
This package is perfect for nuclear family parenting (both birth parents)
For stepfamily/blended family coaching, click here.
This program includes:
  • Five (5) private, 1-hr coaching sessions either in-person at my office in Worthington, OH  or online via a video call from the privacy of your own home.

  • Unlimited access to customized parenting strategy and advice with Amy Ambrozich via email, to easily and painlessly handle those unexpected family situations between sessions.

  • A printed hard copy of the Power of Us workbook, that will walk you step-by-step through carefully selected parenting strategies, assessments and guidelines for setting family values, rules, and discipline techniques to resolve day-to-day situations, teen-related problems, co-parenting issues and more!

Book a complimentary Discovery Call to see if it’s a good fit!

Meet Amy

Amy Ambrozich is a Parenting and Stepfamily Coach who specializes in empowering parents (just like you!) to overcome the never-ending family struggles, define and set clear family values, and lead with confidence.


With a bachelor's degree in child and clinical psychology, a master's in school psychology and certification in both the Active Parenting and Stepfamily-Help programs, her  passion lies in working with parents on issues with family dynamics, communication and positive discipline strategies.

What to Expect

Every family is unique! The results that parents just like you have experienced from working with me include:
  • Relief, clarity, and encouragement as you tackle the most important job of your life: parenting!

  • Insightful feedback, action steps, and a realistic parenting plan (with ZERO criticism or judgment!)

  • Establishing (and sticking to!) a crystal clear, shared vision of roles, expectations and responsibilities

  • A strong framework for making easier parenting decisions

  • Improved communication between all members of the family with family rules that make sense and are based on your shared vision and values

  • A teamwork approach to parenting and less chaos in your home

  • A strengthened relationship between you and your partner as you move forward confidently with your new parenting superpowers!

If parenting is turning out to be much harder than you expected, The Power of Us is just what your family needs!

Let’s chat! Book your complimentary Discovery Call to see if it’s a good fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I work with you?

After your free discovery call and initial payment, we’ll have our virtual or in-person meeting. I will listen more than I talk at the start, because your concerns and frustrations are the priority in our work together. I’ll ask you about your family, for example:

  • Your kids’ names, ages, and personality types

  • The dynamics and environment of your family (for example, if you’re a single or dual household)

  • Your primary concerns and what your intentions are for our work together

Over the course of our sessions together, we'll talk about values, parenting styles, communication with your kids and discipline strategies. I’ll give you a digital or physical copy of your workbook activity sheets so that you'll have time to reflect on your answers together and complete exercises that will lead you to a shared vision.

Everything is tailor fit for your family, you'll experiment with things and we will constantly tweak things along the way.

By the end of the program will have put together a firm foundation for your family. You'll be parenting with intention, purpose and an end goal in mind.

Does this work for single parents, too?

YES! The Power of Us is about building a strong family foundation. The power lies in the strength of each member of the family (kids included). Single parents will gain the same amount of clarity of vision and values, goals and expectations as couples or co-parenting parents.

Is this for teens only? My child is X years old and I need help!

No. This is for any parenting stage. Parents of preschoolers will get a head start in laying down a game plan for their family. Parents of older kids will start with where their family is (no matter what the age of the kids) and move from chaos to clarity in their parenting journey.

Is this counseling?

No, this is about empowering you with skills and knowledge. Our work together isn't about digging up the past, it's about taking things from where they are to where you want them to be. Just like a sports coach, I am here to help you add tools to your parenting toolbox.

What is the cost of the coaching package?

This investment in your family's future (including all consultation sessions, printed materials, and email support) is $695.00. 


It is a SIGN OF STRENGTH to ask for help. If you’re willing to make your life and your kid’s life better, this is the program for you!

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