Wondering how to set boundaries without battles? 

One of the most common questions I receive is,
"How do we get our kids to listen better?"

The trick is to communicate instead of dictate! 

In my new parent guide, The A, B, C's of Parenting, you'll discover my 3-step process parents use for effective discipline. This process helps you stay calm and focused while winning cooperation!
BONUS: You'll be teaching problem-solving skills your children will use for years to come.

Welcome to Dare to Parent,
your resource for support and strategies for your family's success. 

Being a parent or stepparent...

is the hardest job in the world with the least amount of training. 

Each stage has challenges and there is no "one size fits all"
instruction book.

One thing is for sure...

We all want to do our best in this crazy journey called parenting.

Dare to Parent strategies help couples strengthen
their parenting partnership by:

* Creating a shared vision, values, and goals
* Blending your parenting styles
* Enhancing your confidence and consistency as the leaders of your family

These strategies work for nuclear, blended, and co-parenting (from dual households) parents. They are also effective for engaged couples to ensure they are on the same page for their future family -- it's never too early or too late to build a strong family foundation! 

If that's what you're looking for, you're in the right place!

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Parenting, discipline, and family relationships can be challenging! 

Using a coach helps you:


Gain insight

Identify obstacles

Clarify goals

Apply strategies for success

Parents, stepfamily, blended family and couples need parenting tips.


If you are tired of the stress, 

 let's get busy putting some solutions in place! 

It's your time to take action!

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If you make family rules but no one listens, you

may be missing these very important steps for success! 

The "A, B, C's of Parenting" will help you win cooperation without losing your cool!

Hi, I'm Amy,

I am a dual certified parent and stepfamily coach and mom of 3. I specialize in guiding parents from confusion (and stress) to confidence in their parenting journey. 


​Instead of reading a book and trying to fit it to your family, wouldn't it be easier to have someone guide you towards solutions specifically selected for your family?

I help you design a plan of action that will take the guesswork out of discipline and improve your family's communication.

What could be better than having your own personal coach to help you through the hard parts of parenting? 

So, if you're interested in reducing your stress and putting some effective strategies in place, 

let's chat!


Amy Ambrozich, M.A.
Dual Certified Coach
*Stepfamily Help  
*Active Parenting Coach

What parents are saying...

Amy has real-life experiences that give her insights that helped us come up with
ideas to deal with our family's issues.
She is a listener, then a healer.
A consummate professional. We highly recommend Amy. 

~ Greg and Mary R. 

Tools for your Parenting Toolbox! 

Parenting well takes intention and a willingness to learn new strategies along the way. I love sharing tips and techniques with parents just like you so you can

be an effective leader in your family.

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