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3 Steps to Avoiding Prom Drama

Does the thought of your child going to prom make you feel uneasy? If so, you are not alone.

Dresses, tux rentals, dinner and after parties are all fun parts of the planning process. However, as parents, we know there is more to this big night than what is on the surface.

Curfew, transportation and parties are sources of arguments for many teens and their parents on a normal day. Add in the excitement of prom, limos and after-prom parties and tempers may flare. Fortunately there are steps you can take to bridge the gap between you and your teen while preparing them for the big day.

How can you avoid the drama?

Teens are pushing for their independence while parents are standing firm due to fear of what could happen. Talking with your teen before the big night will help everyone feel more comfortable and enjoy the prom night experience. Try these 3 steps to avoiding the parent/teen drama of prom night…

1. Get your teen involved in the conversation

Use the "discuss, not dictate" approach to engage your child in a cooperative conversation.

  • Set aside a specific time to talk

  • Share your concerns

  • Be open to listening without being critical (listen to learn, not to lecture!)