School Day Chaos: 5 Tips for Less Stress

While many of us have the best of intentions at the start of the year, we quickly fall into old habits. Once again we are searching for lost permission slips, dealing with homework hassles and running out the door stressed every morning. So…what’s a parent to do?

Here’s your 5 steps to less school stress: 1. Look back before you look ahead! Before this school year starts, take some time to figure out what “triggers” caused last year's chaos. Some of the school stresses parents share with me include:

  • kids not getting up on time

  • homework forgotten at home

  • lunches made during the morning rush

  • kids can’t find their shoes

  • projects aren’t done until the last minute

2. Brainstorm solutions to one problem at a time

Don't try to fix every problem all at once! Select one particular problem, gather everyone for a family meeting and let the kids know the goal of the meeting. You can phrase it something like: "Remember how last year we had problems with homework and permission slips getting back to school on time? Well, none of us need that stress again so we are going to work on finding a solution and we'd love your ideas." Tips for a successful family meeting: