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What kids teach us about ourselves

Whether your a mom or stepmom I think you'll agree that parenting should come with a

warning label that says, "Congrats, your life is about to change in ways you can't even imagine! Here's an instruction manual and a giant box of dark chocolate, you'll need both." (Some of you would exchange wine for chocolate, that's fine with me! lol) I remember my first moments of motherhood, there were tears and laughter and a sense of amazement. I was so excited, look what we created!! Yay us! Fast forward to the ride home from the hospital and that's when it all sank in, I'm a mom?! Like, no kidding, they are sending us home with this innocent being and we have to figure it out by ourselves? Hold on a minute, this can't be right!! Did you have that new parent panic too? Have you experienced "parents of a teen" panic too? (That one is really a trip!) So as we celebrate our roles as moms, stepmoms or simply adult influencers in the lives of kids, we can also celebrate our own growth as well. Here's some things I learned from my kids:

1) "Mom" is more than a title -- it's a journey with lots of hills and valleys, embrace them both you'll learn so much about yourself!

2) Your kids will love you for saying "No" when you need to. (They won't like you for it now, but I promise they'll thank you for it later!)

3) Trusting your instincts is your superpower

4) You don't have to know everything.. It's a sign of strength, not weakness, to ask for help. (Boy do I wish I had done this more often!)

5) Be your child's parent first and his friend later. It will lead to a really cool parent/friend role for you later in life. (Trust me on this one!)

And so, on this Mother's day I want to thank you for being a leader in your family, a role model for your kids and for just being you! Enjoy the day and treat yourself to something you don't normally do guilt-free (yes, that can even be a nap!). Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom as well. If your's is in heaven like mine is, I hope they have met and are having a good giggle watching us figure this whole thing out! Much love,


PS...If your mom or stepmom role feels overwhelming at times, remember #4 in my list and let's chat! Seriously, I'm here to listen and support you! Click here to book a complimentary Parenting Breakthrough Call today! (no sales pitch, I promise!)

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