Shifting into Summer

This is it, the time of year when the shift from school schedules to summer fun begins!

While the first weeks of summer break are fun, we know this “honeymoon phase” won’t last. Soon enough cries of, ‘I’m bored” will be ringing in your ears. “How do we make it through the summer without losing my sanity?” Well, while I can’t exactly help with all of the issues in this one blog, I will give you a few tips to get your summer started smoothly. Hopefully by setting the foundation early you’ll be able to avoid some of the typical summer break stresses. 1. Get clear on your expectations

Most kids are thrilled with the break from school work, schedules and early bedtimes. As parents, you may also be happy for the lack of daily drop-off, pick-up routines and nagging about homework. Of course, you have things you want to get done. Ask yourself, “What am I envisioning for this summer?” Are you…

  • Anticipating the kids will be doing more chores to help around the house?

  • Planning projects (like sorting through school folders sitting in a pile)?

  • Setting up family activities or just letting the summer unfold as it will?

If you have things in mind you want to accomplish, it’s good to make a list so you can share those goals with the family. Being clear on your goals for the summer will be helpful for getting everyone on the same page. 2. Remember that the kids have goals too!

Being released from the routine of school, homework, projects, etc is a fun time for kids. They may be looking forward to long days at the pool with friends, doing activities or camps, or just relaxing and not having anything to do. Their last 8 months have been scheduled for them, this is their time to play! Yes, I know, you want them to do things too...I’m getting to that, I promise! Lol

3. Have a family meeting