6 Tips for Less Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year when we are supposed to be preparing for “perfect” holiday gatherings.

You know what I'm referring to...perfectly cooked dinners, beautifully decorated cookies, well-behaved kids, and all the relatives happily gathering together. To me, this brings so much pressure that we just don't need! Building Memories? I remember when our kids were little and we'd stuff our tiny Civic with car seats, diaper bags, toys, and luggage to get back home to family. Do you know what else I remember?

  • Trying to keep a baby and toddler happy while they were stuck in car seats for 6 hours (this was well before portable DVD players existed!)

  • Living out of suitcases

  • Toddlers without naps (not fun!)

  • Lost sleep because the kids couldn't settle in

  • Wanting to truly enjoy the holiday but feeling stressed and exhausted

Can you relate?

Let's Get Real

Despite the gorgeous Pinterest pins and the ever-perfect Hallmark Christmas movies, there is a reality they don't show. You know it as well as I do:

  • The stress of all that shopping and wrapping

  • Meals that take hours to cook

  • Relatives that you want to love but they just make it so difficult

  • Cranky kids who are tired and throw a full-blown tantrum "just because"

  • In-laws that try your every ounce of patience

  • Expectations of others on your time, energy, or finances

What's the G