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Rainy Day Boredom Busters

Yesterday was a wet and rainy kind of day. The kind of day where you stare out the window and fondly remember the day before filled with sunshine, biking, hoops and dog walking. Now you’re looking out at a dull, wet, gray sky.


This is the perfect kind of day to catch up on the housework, including the work that was being saved for such a day. As every parent knows, this doesn’t make for a great day in the life of a child. We soon decided to pull out our top 5 boredom busters…

1. Building a fort…

This will never get old.

2. Creating a library

Because one can NEVER have too many reading nooks.

3. Playing with cars

Yes, we played with cars. It brought back hilarious memories and created some new ones.

4. Making a new hot chocolate recipe


5. Learning a new game

How is it that we never played spoons before?

We may need to update our top five boredom busters soon since my little ones are now in the tween and teen stage. They were still a great way to pass some time and enjoy each others company.

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