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Summer sports: 5 Steps to get organized and out the door!


Many summer days have been spent getting kids to sport camps, watching swim lessons and warm sticky nights at baseball fields. It can be fun watching the kids develop their skills, learning the concept of teamwork and sharing giggles as tee-ball coaches encourage the kids to stop picking dandelions and keep their eye on the ball!

Summertime…and the living is easy

While I love the sentiment of that lyric, for most parents summer is simply a change of activities. Instead of school schedules, homework and concerts, our calendars are now filled with swim lessons, baseball games, practices, and camp dates. In addition, we want our kids to keep their reading and math skills sharp so we add in library reading programs and activities. When adding all this up, it sounds less like the relaxing summer days we envisioned for ourselves and more like…

“Mom, I can’t find my swimsuit!” “Did I tell you we are supposed to bring team snack today?” “Have you seen my cleats?”

Does that sound more like summer to you? There is good news! You CAN put an end to these questions, here’s how…

5 Step Plan for an Easier ‘Out the Door’ Experience:

1. Update Calendar: Have your child put their practices and game times on an easily accessible family calendar. This will help them be familiar with the schedule so it’s no surprise when it’s time to get to practice! TIP: Color code these for each child so at a quick glance the kids can see the time of their next activity.

2. Items Needed: Have your child begin a list