Keeping kids safe online...5 questions to ask your child

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As a parent, I look at technology as both a blessing and a curse. Our generation is the first one to raise kids with sources of instant information, texting and endless YouTube videos. Unfortunately, it can also give our kids instant access to inappropriate information as well.

After I shared "7 Dangerous Apps Kids are Using" I received an overwhelming response from parents wanting to know what more they can do to keep their kids safe. As a parent educator, my focus is always on the parent-child relationship. My goal is to give you a "launching point" for discussions with your kids about technology and family expectations. I will also include links to websites with great information. So let's get started!

5 questions to ask your child

  • What do you like to do online? This might include discussions on gaming, social media, movie streaming, etc

  • What information is important to keep private? Why can't we share this information with others online?

  • What are things we can do to be safer online? You would be surprised by the tech information our kids can teach us!

  • Who do you chat with online? What would you do if someone you only know online asks you to meet him or her?

  • What apps do you have downloaded? What sites do you regularly visit?

Set rules and expectations