My teen got caught what?

The lies, the deceit, the disappointment. Now what?

The teen years are a time of self-discovery, peer pressure and societal expectations. Some kids find their way without ever experimenting with alcohol or drugs, others may use it to fit in with their peers or relieve stress. Even the "good" kids make mistakes in their decision making occasionally. You'll find yourself asking...

"Can I ever trust her again?" "How can I stop being so angry?"

There are 5 keys to moving forward:

Acknowledge your feelings

You may be mad, scared, disappointed, and ashamed all within the first few days of discovering the news. Sometimes it helps to take a few minutes, gain some perspective and then talk to your teen. Explain to her that your anger comes from fear of a few things:

  • She could have been hurt or hurt someone else, or worse

  • Her behavior is showing signs of bad judgement

  • She is allowing others to be a negative influence on her

  • Today's dec