"How was school?" 2 ways to get more than a one word answer!

Kids are so different, even within the same family. At the end of the school day some kids share every detail while others need to be gently prodded for just the slightest bit of information. How can parents find out the details we really want?

Tune in 3 ways! Whether it’s your chatty child or the quiet one who is finally opening up, use all 3 Channels of Communication to let him know you’re focused and listening.

Here’s how:

1. Body Language: Your body should indicate you’re paying attention.

  • Sit facing your child

  • Eye contact is critical (shut the laptop and put away your phone)

  • Sit with an open frame (arms aren’t crossed)

  • For quieter kids, sitting side-by-side or chatting while cooking together is a great way to put them at ease!