The First Weeks of School

"Mom, I don't want to go to school."

It's only the first month of school and the honeymoon is over already?! Unfortunately, it only takes a few weeks for the excitement to wear off and the routine to become stressful.

What can parents do?

Here's a few quick tips to help with the transition:

1. Be patient during the adjustment period

The start of a school year brings new teachers and classrooms, homework expectations and rushed morning routines. This can be stressful for kids of all ages, and their parents too! You might begin to see changes in your child's behavior (moodiness, complaints of headaches or stomach issues, a change in eating/sleeping habits). Their bodies are used to summertime schedules, playing all day and no homework demands. It takes at least a month to make the switch in schedules, so a little irritability isn't uncommon.

2. Be prepared for backsliding