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Family safety? There's an app for that!

We all worry about the safety of our family. Of course, we begin talking to our kids at an early

age about stranger danger and keeping themselves out of harms way. When our kids go off to live on a campus, we remind them over and over to always be careful of who they are with or where they are going.

I've noticed a few new apps being discussed on the news and I thought I'd gather a list of them to share with you. These apps are a precaution we can take as an additional safety measure.

Please note: Some of these are free, other's have a small monthly fee. I've included either a website or helpful reviews from other websites for your reference. It is not my intention to promote any particular app, it is up to you to decide what would work best in your situation. My goal is to share information that might be useful.

This phone app lets your child request a "companion" who will be able to track their pathway from start to finish.

2. Circle of 6

3. Guard My Angel

4. My Force

5. Life 360

I hope you found this information helpful! Please fee free to share this blog with friends and family.

As always, if you have a parenting question or

would like to have Dare to Parent as a guest speaker,

contact me today!

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