Stepfamily Success...3 ways to feel more blended and unified

During childhood we read stories about a couple falling in love, getting married, and raising a family. It always ended with, “And they lived happily ever after.”

But what if they didn’t? What if they divorced, then remarried?

Can they get their happily ever after in their new, blended family life?

Stepfamily life may feel more like a disjointed version of that original storyline. Some characters are shifted out of “main character” roles, new ones are added, and everyone has the work of trying to figure out what those next chapters will look like.

Sometimes the characters struggle to fit together. There are so many relationship challenges! Additionally, not everyone is equally engaged in wanting things to work out (some kids are not open to having a stepparent or resent the new family situation and want their old one back).

So, what can stepcouples do to help smooth things over and build a sense of unity in their new storyline?