What NOT to do if you want better relationships!

Communication is an important part of any relationship, but it is so hard sometimes! Your kids don't listen to what you're saying. Your partner has shut down and communication has become a series of single-word answers to your questions. What is going on? One of the most common issues in troubled relationships is the unintended use of "communication blocks," things that prevent your message from achieving what you intended them to do.

I call them the 3 C's:

Criticism - negative remarks about the person (i.e. "You are SO lazy!: All you do is play video games."

Complaints - negative remarks about a specific behavior "i.e. "You didn't take out the garbage, again.")

Critiques - telling someone how they did it wrong (i.e. "You are supposed to load the dishes this way" or "That's not the right way, just let me do it."). Critiques put the speaker in the superior role and the other person in the inferior role, which