Why family fun is important...especially for stepfamilies!

As summer turns to fall, so many of us shift into setting some routines. School has started, along with afterschool activities, which have us following the family

calendar more than during the schedule-free days of summer. Cooler weather also gets us into the mindset of slowing down, as if we’re getting ready for a winter hibernation of sorts. While it’s temping to settle into routines of school, homework,

and activities, don’t forget to schedule family fun into the routines as well! Why is family fun so important? The Family Unit Taking time for fun offers time to bond. This is especially important for families with busy schedules when everyone is going in different directions. Family fun days build “common experiences,” which lead to closer relationships. For stepfamilies, it’s really important to find time to do fun things as a family unit. Shared custody means kids are coming and going throughout the week, so grabbing this time together is imperative to building bonds.

Additionally, there are many things that can cause tension within a blended family, so stepcouples need to be more intentional about building in family time. Stepsiblings need something to bond over, plus having fun helps strengthen the stepparent-stepchild relationship as well. When everyone is having fun, then they let their guard down and allow the other person “in” a bit more. Having common experiences also helps build bridges between family members. When we have shared an activity, it lays a foundation to build on in the future. Plus, it gives everyone something to talk about where all family members can contribute to the conversation. One last thought, an easy way to build compassion in the family is to make sure everyone goes to each other’s events. Showing support for your stepsibling will make the other child feel loved and that small gesture can be the key to smoothing out the relationship or building bridges towards a relationship. The Couple When parents/stepparents see their family members getting along, it eases the tension between the couple as well. This is especially true for blended families where each parent/stepparent brought their own children into the relationship. Frequently, the home can feel like “his” and “her” family units who happen to live together. Family fun days help everyone feel more like a united group. Instead of pushing the bonding to happen, having fun together naturally allows for increased feelings of togetherness. The Stepparent-Stepchild Relationship So many blended families struggle due to the strained stepparent-stepchild relationship. There are dozens of reasons why this particular relationship is a challenge. Some of the top issues include: 1. The stepchild struggling with loyalty issues