Holding your child back in school

It’s the time of year when parents and teachers meet to discuss a child’s

achievements and their progression to the next grade level. For most parents it’s just a routine meeting but some of you may hear the words no parent wants to hear:

“We’d like to hold your child back.”

You might wonder why is this happening to your child or you may worry about how he will adjust to seeing his friends move on. Most importantly, you’ll want to know if this is the right decision. This is NOT the worst case scenario. In fact, this could be a monumental gift for your child. How do I know?

I’ve heard those words and walked that path.

Each child reaches developmental and academic milestones at his own pace. Some children are right on target and others need a bit of extra practice. It’s the same as learning to tie a shoe or ride a bike, each child has their strengths and struggles. Your child’s teacher has observed his learning style, academic progress and even his social skills. All of these factors play into the decision of grade progression.

Your child may ask, “What about my friends?